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Heatpod "Heatpod" EP

UK Psychedelic Trip-Progtronica Artist Heatpod releases his first EP with Faceless Records.

Take a trip into outer space with this eclectic mix of proggy electronica, trip-hop and experimental sounds.

This was originally a full length LP. It was whittled down to EP length for a vinyl release. Maybe one day you'll get to hear the full uncut version!

Vinyl Release Coming Soon!

Cover Art by Slunk: @superslunk

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Dr. No-Face "Carnation" Single

Evil Hip-Hop Supervillain Beatmaker "Dr. No-Face" makes his debut on Faceless Records with the instrumental single "Carnation" available now for streaming & digital download.

Featuring Asian/Indian inspired samples and hard hitting hip-hop beats.


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Hip-Hop/ Experimental Playlist from Faceless Records.

Faceless Records Logo by @shindydesign


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